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Wage & Hour

Oregon wage and hour law dictates minimum requirements for how employers must pay employees for their work. In many respects, the details of employee compensation remain a matter of voluntary contractual agreement between an employer and employee. Assuming an employer operates within the minimum requirements of Oregon wage and hour law, the amount, terms, conditions, and structure of employee wages are entirely negotiable.

Oregon state and federal wage and hour laws provide covered employees with a variety of protections and benefits including but not limited to: (1) overtime wages, (2) minimum wages, (3) regular paychecks, (4) limitations on deductions from pay, (5) final paycheck deadlines, and (6) wage-related record keeping and production requirements for employers. Employers that violate wage and hour laws may be liable to employees for statutory penalties, liquidated damages, and reasonable attorney fees.

A threshold issue in every wage and hour matter is whether the relevant workers are subject to applicable statutes. For example, most relevant wage and hour laws apply to "employees" only.  Employees who fulfill specific exemption criteria (See, e.g., 29 U.S.C. ยง 213, ORS 653.020 ) will be exempt from certain wage and hour regulations, such as minimum wage. Additionally, businesses that properly engage independent contractors to fulfill their labor needs are not subject to wage and hour laws for those workers. In nearly all cases, the burden to prove exemptions from wage and hour laws remains with employers. 

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Retaliation For Reporting Wage Violations

Under both Oregon and federal law, it is illegal for an Oregon employer to retaliate against an employee for reporting wage and hour violations.