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In order to allow us to personally review inquiries, we require potential clients to submit basic information in writing prior to setting telephone or in-person consultations.

Please select one of the options below to contact us about a new matter. We personally review all inquiries and will schedule a time to discuss further if we might be able to help.

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1. Matters we accept

We are two attorneys and we do our own work. We do not run a high volume law practice. Our criteria for accepting or rejecting a new matter varies depending on our workload and the nature of each inquiry on a case-by-case basis.

Please do not assume that we only accept 'high value' matters - that is not the case. We screen new inquiries for clients we enjoy working with, causes we believe in, and matters to which we can devote the required time and resources.

2. Areas Served

We handle cases throughout the state. We have offices in Portland and Pendleton and routinely work in other locations where access to employment law specialists is limited.

3. Potential client inquiries only

Due to the constraints of running a business, we cannot provide free legal advice or information. The one exception is that we provide free consultations in some potential contingency fee matters (i.e., cases in which we charge a percentage of recovery in lieu of hourly or flat fees).

If you are looking for free employment law information or have just a few questions about employment law, we provide a variety of information on this website. If you are looking for a low cost option to talk with a lawyer, the Oregon State Bar's referral service (503-684-3763) offers initial 30-minute consultations with their panel attorneys for a minimal fee.

4. Emergencies

We do not typically assist with new matters requiring turnaround times of less than a few days. If you believe you need an attorney immediately or on very short notice, we recommend calling the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 503-684-3763.

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