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812 NW 17th Ave.
Portland, OR 97209
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Raley Building
29 SE Court Ave. #215
Pendleton, OR 97801
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Our physical offices are located in Portland and Pendleton. We regularly travel and work remotely throughout Oregon to help provide better access to specialized employment law services across the state.


Jim Vogele: 812 NW 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97209

Joel Christiansen: P.O. Box 4120 #83585, Portland, OR 97208-4120

Phone, fax, and email:

Tel: (503) 841-6722
Fax: (503) 928-5580
General Inquiries:

New and prospective clients: We require all potential clients to submit initial inquiries electronically by reading the information below and completing one of the forms linked at the bottom of this page.

We screen all written inquiries before scheduling telephone or in-person consultations. After reviewing your initial request, we will email you to schedule next steps if it appears we may be able to help in a manner that is economically feasible.

Matters we accept

We work on a wide variety of employment law-related matters ranging from hourly legal advice to representation in litigation. We primarily represent employees and occassionally represent small businesses.

We are two attorneys and we do our own work. We do not run a high-volume law practice. We screen new inquiries for clients we enjoy working with, causes we believe in, and matters to which we can devote the required time and resources. Our decision to accept or reject a new matter varies depending on our workload and the nature of each matter on a case-by-case basis.


Due to the constraints of running a business, we cannot provide free legal advice or information. We provide free consultations in some potential contingency fee matters (i.e., cases in which we charge a percentage of recovery in lieu of hourly or flat fees). Otherwise, we will quote you a fee for initial review of information and a consultation to discuss your situation.

If you are looking for free employment law information or have just a few questions about employment law, we provide a variety of information on this website. If you are looking for a low cost option to talk with a lawyer, the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service offers consultations with panel attorneys for a minimal fee.

Geographic coverage

We handle cases throughout Oregon. We have offices in Portland and Pendleton and routinely work on matters throughout the state because access to employment law specialists is limited. We also represent out of state employees and businesses in employment law matters arising under Oregon law.


Initial inquiries are 100% confidential and are reviewed personally by our attorneys.


We work for clients on one of three bases: (1) hourly fees, (2) flat rate projects, and (3) contingency fees. Hourly fee work may include general employment law advice or review, negotiation or drafting of employment-related documents. We may also represent clients on an hourly basis in litigation. Flat rate fees are appropriate for matters such as reviewing employment contracts and other project-based work. Contingency fees may be appropriate in representing a terminated employee against a former employer. We sometimes begin a relationship on an hourly fee basis and later agree to represent a client on a contingency fee basis if the matter proceeds to litigation. In order for us to accept a contingent fee matter, the case must have strong evidence of liability and substantial damages.


We do not typically assist with new matters requiring turnaround times of less than a few days. If you believe you need an attorney immediately or on very short notice, we recommend the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service.

We do not represent you until we agree to do so

By sending us a written query, we are not agreeing to represent you nor does your query establish an attorney client relationship. Nonetheless, your query is confidential as discussed above and your information will never be shared with anyone without your consent and approval.

If you understand and agree to these terms and would like to contact us to see if we can help with new matter, please select one of the following options: