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Articles By Jim Vogele

  • Oregon Physician Contracts

    Oregon physicians find employment in one of the state’s many hospitals (most are nonprofits), in professional corporations, in educational and research institutions, and in other commercial settings such as the biopharma industry. Regardless of the setting, physicians are nearly always employed pursuant to the terms of a written employment contract. The Oregon employment attorneys at Vogele & Christiansen have […]

  • The French Right to Disconnect and the FLSA in a Mobile World

    If you and your non-exempt co-workers – i.e., hourly employees – are frequently using your mobile devices for after-hours work, keep in mind that you are entitled under state and federal law to be paid for that time. And if your conscientious tending to emails, texts, and calls means that you’re working in excess of […]

  • Oregon Employment Contracts

    The employment relationship is at its heart a contractual relationship. This article will address general considerations governing employment contracts between Oregon employers and employees. [...]

  • Negotiating Severance Agreements in Oregon

    Overview of severance agreements The successful negotiation of severance agreements is an art and a science. A severance agreement is a legal document that is negotiated at or shortly after the termination of employment. The precise language of a severance agreement is important as it will create an enforceable contract to resolve any and all […]

  • Oregon Employees are Entitled to be Paid for Off the Clock Work

    Working off the clock refers to time Oregon employees spend working without pay for the benefit of their employers.  For example, employees may be encouraged or required to perform work at the beginning of a shift before punching in for the day or at the end of a shift after punching out. [...]

  • Retaining A Sexual Harassment Lawyer

    Successfully litigating sexual harassment cases involves more than simply identifying unwelcome harassment and filing a claim. This article discusses some of the basic considerations employees should consider when retaining a sexual harassment lawyer, as well as addressing some of the fundamentals of sexual harassment law. This article is not legal advice. It is intended to […]

  • Filing a Sexual Harassment Case in Oregon

    There are many factors to consider when evaluating how best to proceed with a sexual harassment case in Oregon. While every case is unique, this article will provide an overview of some of the most common issues that arise in sexual harassment cases. [...]

  • The Employer's Duty To Protect Oregon Employees From Harassment By Third Parties

    Oregon employees are entitled to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. An Oregon employer’s duty to protect its employees extends to harassment and discrimination by third parties such as the employer’s customers, contractors and outside vendors. As discussed below, if you are an Oregon employee who has experienced harassment or discrimination at work by third parties, you should contact an Oregon employment lawyer. [...]

  • Retaliation For Reporting Wage Violations Is Unlawful

    Under both Oregon and federal law, it is illegal for an Oregon employer to retaliate against an employee for reporting wage and hour violations. In particular, Oregon employees are always protected from retaliation for consulting “an attorney or agency about a wage claim.” ORS 652.355. In general terms, retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse […]

Articles By Joel Christiansen